My mother

Amanda: Hey Uno
It’s your turn
Joe: Yeah perfect, that is good
Mother : Ah, i can see you’re still here, as a matter of fact I have a lot things to say
and I’m starting with you Joe
Amanda: Please mama don’t start
Mother : You are immature.
You spend all your money on drugs, alcohol.
You don’t even think about your wife and your son
What a shame, and on the top of that you are wasting the money I give to you
Joe: You know what? Don’t talk to me like you care, because i know you don’t care
Mother: I can’t believe this!
Here I am, the one who’s looking after you and Amanda,
your parents kicked you out of the house and you dare say to me that I don’t care?
Joe: Ah shut up! Don’t talk to me like I’ve never done anything here .
Mother: Get out of my house! (slap)
Joe: Wow! Hey, you know what? I’m going to come back,
I’m going to come back and take my son.
Song lyrics
I hurt my mom
I made her cry like the sea and
I didn’t know how to dry her tears
When she was suffering.
I didn’t think it would hurt so much
She always talks to me
She’s always there for me
But I wasn’t there when she was suffering and
I didn’t know ho to dry her tears
When she was suffering .
I didn’t think it would hurt so much
If only I could take away her pain.


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