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I create of the vision of music in my Professional Recording music studio using industry standard gear and software as Cubase , logic pro and Pro tools acoustic Piano , High Quality SHURE Microphones, The song will have a high quality by the end of the session.

So I Can sing on your Song in French or English with Harmony if you want too I can also produce a full music for you with Melody ( lead voice , Choir , Harmony etc depending of what you want ) and also lyric if you want too

If you have a song and you only want Male voice or Choir or need a featuring I can also provide you a service for that.

I’ve got an eye for perfection, so I’ll make sure your song FEELS exactly as you intended. VOCALS ONLY : PRO – PACKAGE : Hooks, Intros, Adlibs, and Outros PRO+ PACKAGE: Full Length Songs (Doesn’t include harmonies or stacks) PLATINUM PACKAGE: (Full length song, harmonies, stacks, and adlibs)

*2 REVISIONS ONLY! Any extra changes will be an additional charge of $50! PRODUCTION OF MUSIC PRO – PACKAGE : Piano only with some string on it PLATINUM PACKAGE: ( with all the instrument without voices or melody just the song )..

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